The cure for juvenile diabetes

(type 1 diabetes)

Leo Rogier Verberne

One is cured of juvenile diabetes if daily insulin injections are no longer necessary
and no other medication is needed

Crucial in the development of juvenile diabetes (type 1 diabetes) is an auto-immune reaction in the pancreatic islets that shuts down β cells. The key-evildoers to that reaction are islet autoreactive CD8 T cells. Selective killing of these T cells will stop the auto-immune reaction and enable the restart of insulin production. Because residual and still functional β cells are present in many juvenile diabetic patients, even with disease durations of more than 50 years.
This booklet indicates the way to cure juvenile diabetes.

first diabetes patient ever to be treated with insulin - Leonard Thompson

After isolation of insulin to treat juvenile diabetes,
a second giant step might be to cure type 1 diabetes
by oktolimumab-vedotin

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The cure for juvenile diabetes
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